Pros and Cons of Different Types of CBD Products

When it comes to the different types of CBD products, knowing what’s what can be tricky. From patches to oils, and creams to edibles, there’s something for everyone out there. It’s just a matter of finding the product that’s right for you. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide comparing different CBD products, to help with your decision making.

The Different Types of CBD Products

CBD Patches

Transdermal CBD patches function in a similar way to nicotine patches. These easy-to-apply sticky squares are placed on part of the body, usually the arm, thigh or lower back, and slowly release CBD into the body. The duration of this CBD release typically ranges from 8 hours through to a full 24-hour period, depending on the patch.

Benefits of these patches include:

  • Continual CBD release throughout the day, convenient;
  • Great for life on-the-go;
  • Calms anxiety;
  • Localised pain relief, and;
  • Discretion

Disadvantages of CBD patches include:

  • Some people may have an adverse reaction to the patch, whether it be the sweat that gets trapped under the patch, or the skin reacting negatively with the glue used within the patch;
  • Less ideal for particularly hairy-skinned people.
CBD patches


CBD oil (also often referred to as CBD drops or tinctures) is probably the most commonly-used CBD product. It is typically consumed by pipetting one or two drops under the tongue, from which it easily enters the bloodstream to take effect.

Benefits of CBD oil include:

  • Most widely available CBD product;
  • Can be added to food and drink.

CBD oil drawbacks include:

  • Taste is unpleasant to some;
  • Absorption is “slow, erratic and variable”;
  • Doesn’t last as long as some CBD products before needing to re-dose.
CBD muscle and joints cream

CBD Cream

CBD cream is another topically-applied product. You simply massage into the skin just like any other skincare cream or pain relief product (like heat rub). The cream is easily absorbed into the bloodstream enabling the CBD to get to work almost instantly. CBD cream is particularly helpful with muscle and joint pain.

Benefits of CBD cream include:

  • Effective for localised muscle and joint pain;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Feels nice on the skin.

Disadvantages of CBD cream include:

  • The cream’s texture and scent might not be to everybody’s personal tastes.
CBD gummies

CBD Gummies/Edibles

One for the ‘sweet tooths’ out there, CBD gummies and edibles are ideal for those that like to have a little supply of snacks on the go. Deliciously moreish, it’s not hard to see why these little sweeties are so popular.

Pros of CBD edibles:

  • Very convenient, and;
  • They serve as a great daily snack.

Cons of CBD edibles:

  • Contain relatively large amounts of sugar;
  • A daily limit on how many you should eat;
  • May interact with other ingested foods in the stomach.

It’s All a Matter of ‘Taste’

Ultimately, personal preference will have the biggest say when it comes to determining the CBD product that’s right for you. In some cases, personal ‘taste’ is meant literally! For some people, the taste of CBD oil, whilst not their favourite thing in the world, is tolerable. For others, it tastes disgusting. That’s where an edible or topical CBD treatment can come in handy.