About Us

It all began with curiosity  

Our founder, Shelley, was always intrigued by the benefits of plant-based food and natural remedies for wellness and problem-solving. Her curiosity blossomed further when a trusted companion began to teach Shelley about the secrets of cannabidiol and its extraordinary properties. An unforgettable experience that inspired the next phase of Shelley’s journey. 

Soon after, Shelley attended the Product Earth trade show in August 2021. Upon listening to inspiring speakers, it unlocked a potential route for Shelley to showcase her passion and share the wonders of CBD with the world. She would start her own enterprise, calling on all the knowledge she’d curated. 

Over the next few months, a like-minded group of family and friends came together, channelling that same passion. We operated in the background, day and night, each with a crucial role – like hard-working bees in the hive. Our honey was hemp, specifically cannabidiol, a legalised supplement known to have calming properties on the mind and body. 

Whilst brainstorming together, we wanted to express the variety of herbal and plant-based products available. Our name needed to encapsulate the personal touch of Shelley’s love, plus the repertoire of botanical supplies that soothe and reinvigorate. 

“Hey, how about: supplied by Shelley?” someone said, jokingly. A play on words, but the meaning was heartfelt. And that’s when the name ShelleySupply was born. 

Within a year, we developed a supply of natural goodies, including topical CBD and edibles. In our everyday life, stress, anxiety and pain may creep in, but it need not control us. So infuse your day with Shelley’s plant care, to rejuvenate and feel lighter than air. 


The one driving factor behind our success is integrity. We’re dedicated to putting you (the wonderful customer) first. That’s why the products you purchase are top-quality, hand-selected and tested personally by us. You can rest assured that these products really work, are safe to use and made for you at the core. 

Today, we continue to grow on the ShelleySupply mission: to provide only the best CBD and natural premium products at fair prices. Health is wealth, don’t you agree? 

About shelleysupply


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