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  • 100 Loyalty Points = £1 to spend on your orders
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  • Loyalty Points expire after 6 months. You can use them all up in one go or save some later for your next order

Loyalty Points Conditions

  • The collection of Loyalty points is based on spend (“Loyalty Rewards Spend Balance”) on the Website from the date you become a ShelleySupply account holder
  • You can check your Loyalty points spend balance by logging into your account
  • We reserve the right to change the rates and without notice. Changes to these rates will be published on the Loyalty Scheme website page
  • Loyalty points will be issued once all orders, which qualify for a reward point, have been despatched
  • You may redeem your Reward Points against any order in our shop
  • You may redeem up to 100% of the value of an order using your Loyalty Points
  • Loyalty Points are non-transferable and cannot be used for shipping cost
  • Loyalty Points have no cash value