Introducing Wellness Wednesdays with Sunni

Here at ShelleySupply, your wellbeing is important to us. But how do you maintain your wellbeing to help you thrive? Whether it’s social, physical or psychological, wellness encompasses the road to finding calm and stability. So with a little help from our wellness mascot, Sunni, we’ll share handy tips with you on Wellness Wednesdays. We’ll cover topics like sleep, anxiety, nutrition and how CBD ties in. Read on for a sneak peak into what to expect.

The History of CBD

Although technically a modern discovery, CBD was actually first developed from cannabis in the early 1940s and documented in 1963. Over 50 years later, CBD has emerged into the wellness scene. 

Nowadays, you may be seeing CBD products everywhere wondering “what the dickens is this stuff?”. 

CBD or “cannabidiol” is a type of marijuana that derives from the hemp plant, a strain of cannabis. Hemp is a cousin of the Cannabis Sativa plant which contains almost nil levels of THC. 

CBD industry

In the UK, the use of CBD extracted from industrial hemp is legal. Although related to cannabis, the almost negligible amount of THC therefore doesn’t cause a “high” or addictive effect. Actually, CBD is believed to target symptoms of chronic pain and even calming anxiety.

Now, CBD is expected to grow to a $7.8 billion industry by 2022, which is steadily competing with the protein supplements predicted to have reached $20 billion in 2021.

Who is Sunni?

The wellness mascot, Sunni, represents the core values of health and wellbeing. It’s hard to personify “Wellness Wednesdays” without a name to the trend, right? That’s why Sunni is an invaluable member of this mission.

In truth, Sunni is in all of us. It seeps into our digestion, our mental health and recovery. We can go through many waves of emotions in one day; we get stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. This can have a negative effect on our overall wellbeing. So, we need to learn how to embody the Japanese philosophy of Ikigai – “the secret to a longer and happier life”.

A critical part of maintaining well-being is how we manage our emotions and health. It’s the awareness of what is in our control and what is not. Sunni is our conscience and guide: the mascot we turn to for motivation and encouragement. 

Imagine it this way: when you were a child, you may have looked to your parents or a friend for support and a shoulder to cry on. As we grow older, we sometimes forget that we still need that lifeline, regardless of age or ability. And now, that’s our CBD and wellness mascot, Sunni!

What is “Wellness Wednesdays?

Every Wednesday we’ll share important tips on wellness and how you can improve it. The focus is on overcoming adversity and finding calm, while we navigate the natural ups and downs of life.

Wellness Wednesdays is a social media trend, so follow our Instagram page ShelleySupply where we’ll share a top tip of the day. This is also a chance for you to take the mic, ask anything about wellbeing, and learn about types of CBD products and their benefits. 

ShelleySupply Blog

We want to create a community where people can become the best version of themselves. To do that, you need to understand what makes you tick, how you cope with problems and why you deserve a happier, healthier life. Wellbeing Wednesdays is an open door into understanding yourself better.

How does Wellness Wednesdays connect with CBD?

Sunni the wellness mascot serves to spread the message about the benefits of CBD and acts as a myth-buster. Common objections taint CBD’s efficacy, and Sunni wants to set the record straight: CBD is legal in the UK and it doesn’t make you “high”. In fact, it’s a proven contributor to enhancing wellness.

“Like what?” You ask. Let’s get into it.

Sunni says: CBD works

The scientific research makes a great case for CBD. One study looked at the benefits of CBD on sleep. The clinicians tested 72 patients, 47 of which had anxiety and 25 complained about poor sleep. Each participant took 25mg of CBD a day for a month (or 50mg depending on the degree of their diagnosed issues). Then, levels of anxiety and sleep were measured before and after 30 days of taking CBD capsules. 

benefits of CBD on sleep

The results showed that there was a significant neurological change from the act of taking CBD supplements which decreased symptoms of anxiety and improved sleep quality in the group. 

A similar study by medical clinicians in Canada also found taking regular CBD supplements decreased depressive symptoms of patients with moderate to severe depression. This could be the start of accessible supplements that tackle the threats to our wellbeing.

But who has time to sit and read through all these studies? That’s where Wellness Wednesdays come in! Sunni will be able to share facts like the above that address common questions, and misinformation and provide scientifically-backed research to ease your mind.

What next?

Head over to the Shelley Supply Instagram page or Facebook to stay tuned with Sunni’s Wellness Wednesdays. Don’t forget to tap the bell and notifications on the page. This way, you’ll get updates with all the important information about wellbeing and CBD.