Slippery Sex: The Best Natural Oils for Intimacy

Oils and sex are great bedfellows – pun intended. And when it comes to choosing the best oil for sex, there are many things to consider. While many people reach for the lube tube, some of these brands are not always what we’re looking for when it comes to friction-less sex.

Traditional lubes often come with a clinical, less-than-sensual aura, leaving us yearning for a more natural, intimate, and playful experience. And this is where the appeal of natural oils for sex comes in. In fact the right oil can heighten our senses and amplify every touch. And it looks great on naked skin too!

While natural oils can transform your intimate moments into something extraordinary, it’s important to note that not all oils are created equal. Some can be wonderfully pleasurable, while others might not be compatible with certain preferences and needs.

So let’s ease into the world of natural oils, exploring their benefits, applications, and the tantalising sensations they can bestow upon you and your partner. Ready to dive in?

Before We Slide Into the World of Natural Oils for Sex

For those who seek to enhance their intimate encounters, natural oils offer a tantalising alternative to traditional lubricants. Oils for sex not only provide a silky-smooth glide but also evoke a sensory experience that engages both body and mind. The allure lies in their ability to improve natural lubrication, heightening sensitivity and intensifying the pleasure of touch.

Studies suggest that natural oils serve benefits for our skin as well as our sexual experience. (source)

However, before we embark on this journey of sensuality, we need to address a major practical consideration.

Natural oils, while incredibly appealing for intimate play, might not be compatible with every facet of our bedroom experience. For example, with latex condoms, oil can weaken the material and compromise the effectiveness.

For sex toys too, natural oil based lubes can again degrade and damage the material. If you’re using silicone sex toys, latex condoms or other manufactured items, you might need to consider water based lube instead.

However, for those exploring other forms of intimate connection, such as massage, vaginal sex, non-silicone or latex sex toy use, anal play, and masturbation, the world of natural oils beckons with open arms.

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Choosing Your Sex Oil

As we’ve mentioned, sex oils can be used for a variety of purposes. This can include massage and masturbation to penetrative sex. So choosing the right lube for your requirements will be key to both enjoying your sexual pleasure and avoiding unpleasant after effects such as yeast infections or even bacterial vaginosis… Yes, not fun.

Let’s look at the benefits of the most common oils as a natural lubricant and how you incorporate them for fun slippery sex.

Almond Oil

Almond oil, with its delicate aroma and luxurious texture, is a popular choice for sensual massage. Its moisturising properties nourish the skin, leaving it supple and ready to indulge in the tenderest of touches. In fact, there are some suggestions that almond oil is good for improving the skin’s elasticity, reducing scars and wrinkles and even smoothing away signs of stretch marks.

So this might suggest that almond oil is a great massage oil and personal lubricant too. And because almond oil is edible, you can also enjoy using this natural lube for oral sex!

It’s also mostly scent-free, so you can even create your own massage oil by adding a few drops of essential oils too.

Another benefit of almond oil as a lubricant is that it is suitable for both vaginal and anal sex – so you can certainly enjoy keeping a bottle of almond oil next to the bed. However it is not suitable for use with most sex toys.

Coconut Oil

Celebrated for its versatility and tantalising aroma, coconut oil is another natural oil which can be great for sex. Whether you’re indulging in a sultry massage, exploring intimate adventures, or venturing into anal play, coconut oil’s slick glide and nourishing touch can make your experiences truly unforgettable.

Although there are no studies into the use of coconut oil for sex, many people suggest that it is one of the best oils to use as a natural lube. There are some suggestions that coconut oil might be beneficial in reducing vaginal dryness and

Like most other oil based lubes, coconut oil is not suitable for use with rubber, latex or silicone toys, and should definitely not be used with condoms.

Jojoba Oil

With its close resemblance to the body’s natural oils, jojoba oil is a perfect companion for exploring the depths of intimacy. It’s particularly well-suited for anal play, as its lubricating properties facilitate a smooth and pleasurable experience.

Jojoba oil’s skin-nourishing qualities also make it an excellent choice for masturbation, ensuring your solo adventures are as sumptuous as they are satisfying.

If you’re looking for a personal lube to use with a partner, jojoba oil might be one of the best options for an oil-based organic lube.

Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil, light and silky, is a masterful multitasker in the world of intimate exploration. Whether engaging in vaginal sex, sensual massages, or experimenting with sex toys, grapeseed oil glides seamlessly, turning every touch into a masterpiece of connection.

As a fragrance free oil, grapeseed oil can be used for everything from massage to personal lubricant.

Olive Oil

As ancient as the act of intimacy itself, olive oil has long been revered for its multifaceted qualities. Its moisturising touch lends itself beautifully to massage, and as an edible oil it is of course ideal for oral sex.

However, the jury is very much out on the benefits of olive oil as a personal lubricant for vaginal or anal sex. While it’s a lush and smooth oil, with a fabulous texture for intimacy, there are some suggestions that it might cause yeast infections and other problems.

CBD Intimacy Oil

When it comes to using natural oil based lubes, there is a new player to contend with — CBD intimacy oil. Infused with the calming and arousing properties of CBD, this oil takes intimacy to a whole new level.

CBD’s potential to enhance relaxation and heighten sensations opens doors to a more electrified sexual experience.

From massages that deeply relax and soothe the soul, to a tingling sensation that can electrify your sexual encounters (and even improve performance). CBD intimacy oils are increasingly making headlines for their sexual benefits.

Some of the benefits of CBD for sex include reduced inflammation or vaginal pain, increased blood flow (which could help with erectile dysfunction) and improved sensitivity.

ShelleySupply CBD intimacy oil is an all natural oil based lube containing grapeseed oil, hemp oil, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil and various pleasant scented essential oils. With its high CBD content and gorgeously smooth natural lubricants, our intimacy oil is a joy to use.

CBD intimacy oil can be a fantastic natural solution for vaginal dryness, and can help improve anal sex and oral sex too.

While CBD lube is great for amplifying the sensual touch, it’s not suitable for use with latex condoms or oil/rubber based sex toys.

Read our guide to the benefits of CBD lube.

Alternatives: Water-Based vs. Silicone Lubes

While natural oils weave a tapestry of pleasure, they don’t always suit everyone. For example if you need to use latex condoms, or you like to indulge in play using silicone toys, latex or rubber or even expensive bedclothes such as satin sheets.

As we’ve mentioned, oil based lubricants can degrade these materials, can also stain sheets, and will ruin synthetic clothing made from materials such as latex or rubber.

And this is where people might want to choose water based and silicone based lubricants.

Water based lubricants, known for their compatibility with condoms and sex toys, provide a slick glide that’s easy to wash off. However these lubes don’t tend to be very versatile and are nor particularly useful for massage or other alternative uses.

On the other hand, silicone based lubes offer long-lasting, friction-reducing prowess, creating an experience that’s velvety and tantalising. The downside for silicone based lube is that people can find it sticky and unpleasant to touch.

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