Is CBD Lube Your Perfect Sexual Partner?

There have been many studies and research cases finding that CBD can help with pain, anxiety and even overall physical health. However, when it comes to sexual health and wellness the data is limited and mostly confined to the use of THC. 

But there is some evidence that cannabis can improve libido and, to an extent, sexual performance.

So let’s take a look at some of the benefits of CBD in the bedroom.

Research into CBD and sex

Some of the key findings into the effects of CBD and sexual health have been that CBD can help to lower anxiety, relieve muscle tension and improve brain function. 

These three factors alone are a strong indicator of the benefits of CBD on sexual wellness. With high levels of cortisone, often bought on by stress or anxiety, the libido of both men and women drops – basically making us less horny.

CBD products such as patches and edibles can therefore have a positive effect on the mind – often said to be the biggest sexual organ.

As research into cannabis and sex tends to focus on THC, the intoxicating element in cannabis, there are conflicting reports. Some state that THC has a positive effect on both male and female libido, others than it negatively impacts libido and performance. 

And if you’ve ever smoked a joint or taken THC, you can probably see how these conflicting findings have come about.

But what about products specifically used for sexual intercourse such as CBD based lubricants?

The case for CBD lubes

Although there has been little clinical research into the effects of CBD lube, the anecdotal evidence for the positive effects have been growing. 

In one article in Healthline, the writer Heather Huff-Bogart reported that by using CBD lube she reduced painful sensations during sex. Prior to this, she had had an IUD removal and was experiencing serious cramps during intercourse. 

In her words “ (CBD lube) helped reduce the pain and inflammation I have during intercourse.” 

The implications for those who experience pain while having sex, or who suffer from other forms of genital discomfort such as women with vaginosis and endometriosis, cannot be ignored. 

These conditions can cause various issues beyond the pain, including loss of sexual appetite or negative feelings. So if something as simple as a CBD lube can change your sexual experience, what is there to lose?

The biggest element though is libido. An appetite and desire for sex is the foundation for a healthy sex life. And no CBD lube can help if you have no foundation. 

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

The theory that cannabis can help with blood flow to the penis and improve sexual stamina is one that has been promoted in ayurvedic medicine for centuries. There has been a study into plants used for sexual virility, which included cannabis, although this was not in a clinical setting.

So although there has been no clinical research to back this up, one study did find that CBD did help to remove arterial blood pressure. 

Female lubrication

One effect of CBD that has been proven is it’s use as an anti-inflammatory. When it comes to sex and female stimulation, this could play an important role in reducing discomfort and aiding natural lubrication.

So could CBD lube help your sexual performance?

CBD lubricant and CBD infused products could help with many of the issues people experience around sex and sexual performance. 

As a bonus the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD could also help with treating allergies, sensitivity and other issues around inflammation. For women experiencing vaginismus or vestibulitis, this could be the decider, as the pain and discomfort relief could make the difference to their enjoyment.

CBD infused lubes are also great if you don’t like water and silicone based lubes, but want something a bit more interesting. This mainly applies to those who might have a silicone allergy, and since water based CBD lubes aren’t widely available, an oil base is often the only choice. 

Although be aware that oil based lube shouldn’t be used with latex condoms or other latex items such as sex toys.

If you have sensitive skin, especially in or around your genitals, it may help to use CBD oil based products such as CBD lubes. It might seem contradictory at first, but while some areas will become more sensitive, CBD can actually help to soothe the irritation or redness that is often a key element in sensitivity. 

Don’t be afraid of using CBD for your sensitive skin.

What to look for in a lube?

If you’re looking for the right CBD lubricant, there is a lot of choice and lots to take into consideration.

CBD, Hemp or THC

THC lubes are not legal in the UK, so you won’t find them easily. However CBD, or cannabidiol, based lubes are readily available. 

You may also see hemp oil based lubricants on the market. These contain no active elements and simply contain oil extracted from the hemp plant. Hemp is great for the skin and contains omega oils. 

Only CBD lubes will provide the benefits we’ve mentioned in this article. 

CBD content

The cannabidiol content of CBD lube can vary greatly between products. Some contain under 50mg of CBD, some can contain over 500mg.

As you might expect, the higher the CBD content the greater the effects. If you’re experimenting with CBD lube for the first time, try a mid to low CBD content. Around 100 – 250mg is perfect.

Bear in mind also that it can take time for the effects of CBD oil to work – anything up to 30 minutes. So use your CBD lube as a massage oil or use sex toys to get the full effects.

Base oil

If you’re looking for a versatile CBD lube, you’ll need one that is condom and sex toy safe. This usually means water based lubricant. 

For those of you who are using CBD lube with your trusted partner, or simply not using condoms, an oil based lube, such as coconut oil, (non-latex friendly) is fine. And, as a bonus, you can also use it as a massage oil.

Who is CBD lube for?

CBD lubes are great for people who find sex uncomfortable, or who are looking for a non-pharmaceutical product to help with their sexual wellness. From men looking to manage erectile dysfunction, or to delay their orgasm; to women who want to enjoy the sensation of sexual intimacy but might find it uncomfortable.

But CBD lubes are also great for the sexually adventurous among you. The use of CBD lube can improve your sexual stimulation and make your enjoyment of sex even greater! 

Vaginal sex

Using a CBD lube for vaginal sex is the obvious way to enjoy the product. The use as an intimacy sex oil makes it great for managing vaginal dryness or simply making things extra slippery in the bedroom. 

Anal sex

The relaxing properties of CBD lubes make them perfect for anal sex, especially those who either find it uncomfortable or who want to try out ‘the other entrance’. Of course there is no substitute for proper anal training, and if it is your (or their) first time, go slow and steady. But using a good quality CBD lube can make this a lot of fun and much more enjoyable for the recipient.

Sex toys

Whether it’s solo play or for fun with your partner, using sex toys and CBD lube is great fun. You’ll need to make sure your CBD lube is latex friendly – or that your sex toys are oil friendly. Glass and metal toys are obviously perfectly fine to use with oil based CBD lubes.

Most CBD lube is oil based, so this means you’ll need to avoid latex. But if you’re using silicone, glass or metal toys – go for it!


You don’t even need to have sex to enjoy the sensation of CBD lube. Relax and unwind with a CBD oil massage as part of your sexual foreplay, or just to reconnect with your partner. 

Kinky play

If you enjoy the kinkier side of the sexual spectrum then CBD lube is an excellent addition to your bedroom fun. Whether you’re participating in anal or oral sex, foreplay, all kinds of kink activities, CBD lube will be there to make it all the more pleasurable. 

Rub CBD lube on a gag ball, butt plugs or a vibrator. Try infusing bondage rope with CBD lube or oil before restraining your victim. It’s a bit slippery, however the CBD lube will slowly seep into the person’s skin and provide them with a rising dose increasing their pleasure even more.

What other CBD products can improve sex?

There are many other ways you can use CBD oil and CBD products to heighten your sexual arousal. 

CBD patches

CBD patches can be used as a pre-sexual therapeutic addition to your intimate experience. Use them to relax, lower inhibitions and increase blood flow and sensitivity. The higher the CBD does the better.


CBD edibles such as gummies are the perfect way to get the benefits of cannabidiol. Our range of CBD gummies offer one of the easiest ways to enjoy CBD, with a single gummy containing between 20mg to 60mg of CBD. 

CBD oil

CBD essential oil can be used for a number of applications. For example, you can simply buy CBD in oil form and rub it on the insides of your cheeks to achieve that specific relaxed state and then initiate sex with your partner. 

You can also use CBD oil as an ingredient in food, although remember that heating it up may decrease its potency. If using CBD oil for cooking, try to add to no-cook recipes or add to cocktails or drinks. 

CBD lubes or intimacy oils can also be applied directly to the genitals or other sensitive regions. Try rubbing CBD lube on your labia or clitoris, or just inside the vagina. You can also apply to the penis, anus or nipples to build that sexy buzz.

ShelleySupply CBD lube

If you’re curious about how a CBD lube can make your sex life go with a bigger bang, then try our new CBD infused intimacy oil. Made right here in the UK, ShelleySupply CBD based intimacy oil contains 220mg of CBD. Formulated with skin enriching and non-irritating natural oils including hemp seed, grapeseed and jojoba oils with a blend of pleasant botanical scents for a truly sensual experience.

And in a generous 50 ml pump bottle, you can be confident that you’ll be getting a consistent 0.4% CBD with each spray. So you can experiment with CBD lube to your heart’s content and see how it works for you and your partner. 

Unlike products shipped from the USA or further afield, you can be enjoying your CBD lube in days. 

Ready to experience CBD lube for yourself? Order your Shelley Supply CBD lube today to discover the huge difference CBD can make to your sex life. 

Key takeaways

  • CBD based intimacy oil can be used to reduce inflammation and discomfort on the skin which may help relieve sexual pain and improve sensation during sex
  • The active ingredient in CBD has also been shown to reduce anxiety and stress, which can in turn help increase libido in men and women
  • Sex oil with CBD may help vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction and reduce discomfort in other sex acts including anal sex
  • ShelleySupply CBD lube is a top quality oil with CBD
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