What is CBD Intimacy Oil and How Can You Use It?

While the popularity of CBD has largely focused on the edibles market, there has been a growing focus on the topical uses of the cannabis plant. And with CBD being seen as a useful pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and even sensation enhancer, it’s also being touted as a useful lube or intimacy oil.

You might have seen mention of CBD lubes, or intimacy oils. But what exactly are they? What can you use them for? And how do you actually use them?

Let’s find out.

What is CBD intimacy oil?

A CBD oil based lube or intimacy oil is, as the name suggests, an oil which has been infused with cannabidiol. This is one of the key extracts from the cannabis plant, but is not psychoactive.

CBD lube is usually made from one or more base oils. ShelleySupply intimacy oil is made from hemp seed oil, grape oil, and sunflower seed oil. The hemp oil is the source of the active ingredient, CBD.

Some other CBD lubes may also contain coconut oil or other plant oils.

In addition to this, CBD lube will also contain a variety of essential oils which have a range of their own benefits as well as enhancing the scent of the product, 

Intimacy oils containing CBD may offer a range of therapeutic benefits, including:

  • Reducing inflammation and painful sensation, especially in the genitals
  • Increased sensation and greater pleasure
  • Improve natural lubrication with natural oils
  • As a possible treatment for erectile dysfunction
  • Aid muscle relaxation when used as a body massage oil

While these might seem like bold claims, CBD lube has been gaining a cult-like following in the press and online.

And why not? With the ability to treat vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction and even enhance pleasure between the sheets, there seems to be a lot to love about CBD lube.

Going beyond sex, when it comes to using CBD lube, the options are many and varied…

What can you use CBD lube for?

CBD lube is primarily designed as an arousal oil, designed to be applied to the genitals to increase blood flow and enhance arousal. Both men and women will find that the sensations from applying the oil can add a thrilling tingle to their sexual experience.

Although it might seem paradoxical, the CBD can also reduce inflammation and reduce pain. For women who suffer from vaginal dryness, for example as a result of menopause, this can be a godsend.

And when it comes to anal sex, the benefits might also be obvious. The natural lubrication from the oils, plus the pain relief and improved sensitivity make for not just more pleasurable sex, but a positively mind blowing sexual experience.

But CBD infused lubes aren’t just restricted to use on the genitals or for penetrative sex.

You can also use CBD lube for sensual massage or for fun during foreplay. A really fun application is to apply your CBD lube to other intimate areas such as the nipples.

In fact CBD lube is best when you incorporate it into your pre-sex build up.

Check out our guide to CBD and sexual wellness.

But how do you use CBD lube, and how long does it take to start working?

try intimacy oil as one of the best topical cbd products as an alternative to regular massage oils

How to use CBD lube?

When it comes to using CBD lube, it’s simple. All you need to do is apply the desired amount to your hand and then massage into the required area.

Before using any form of intimate oil, make sure to spot test it first.

This means dabbing some of the oil onto your arm or leg to test for any adverse reactions. Ideally try and do this a day or so before using, but at the very least allow an hour.

Although CBD allergies are rare, they can sometimes occur, so err on the side of caution.

When it comes to applying intimate oil to the vagina, you would simply massage into both the outer and/or inner labia as you would any other lube.

To apply to the penis or anus, you also apply the oil as normal.

One thing to bear in mind is that CBD lubricant can take anything from five minutes up to 20 minutes for the effects to be felt. This is why it is recommended to use CBD arousal oils as part of the buildup to sex, allowing the benefits such as increased sensitivity to be felt.

And of course, it’s also much more fun…

Using CBD lube with sex toys or condoms

Most CBD lubes are made with plant based oils, meaning they are not suitable for use with latex condoms or latex, rubber or most plastic sex toys.

However, CBD lubes, including ShelleySupply intimacy oil, can be used with silicone, glass and metal sex toys, as well as natural materials.

Latex condoms and sex toys will need water based lubricant to avoid being degraded.

How to choose the best CBD lube

In recent years there has been an explosion in the choice of CBD intimate oil products. Some offer broad spectrum CBD, or full spectrum, and others are CBD isolate. But what does this mean?

Putting it very simply, broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD products contain other elements found within cannabis plants. This includes THC, the psychoactive element, which is found in full spectrum CBD.

Here at ShelleySupply, our CBD infused arousal oil is made from CBD isolate. This is the purest form of CBD, with the only active ingredient being cannabidiol. No THC, terpenes or other compounds.

ShelleySupply intimacy oil with CBD contains all natural ingredients and is made with hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil and plant derived essential oils.

Our CBD arousal oil is perfect for both women and men. And with a high CBD content of 220mg, you will surely feel the benefits of this all natural formula.