What are CBD patches and do they work? 

You may have heard of nicotine patches, but what about transdermal CBD patches? These new natural remedies are all the rage, and studies show that they’ve got magical anti-inflammatory properties akin to ibuprofen. We dive deep into the science behind CBD patches and how they work to uncover the truth… 

What is CBD? 

CBD comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant and has since been renowned for its benefits, especially around chronic pain and anxiety. With an extensive etymology, CBD has grown more popular over the last 5 years, and it takes many forms: from CBD oil to capsules and CBD patches. 

A recent survey shows that over 1.3 million Brits use CBD regularly, especially to combat stress and anxiety. Back in 2018, CBD was legalised in the UK as long as it contains less than 1mg of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is a psychoactive substance associated with cannabis. 

What are CBD patches? 

As the various products evolve from CBD oil, a relatively new development is the transdermal CBD patch. They are made from CBD isolate – the purest form of CBD – so it contains no other cannabis compounds or THC. Depending on the provider, most topical CBD patches are: 

  • Transparent 
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • THC free 

To go a step further, we’ve made sure our CBD patches are vegan-friendly – one more reason to “add to basket”! 

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How do CBD patches work? 

Similar to nicotine patches, CBD patches release a small amount of the substance into the bloodstream over a period of 24 hours. The transdermal method is designed to be less invasive and convenient, with a gentle flow that stays in your system, but acts faster than ingesting it. 

Generally, the topical patches are more palatable and easy to use. Once you’ve applied it to a wound-free, relatively hairless, healthy skin area (which is advised if you don’t want to give yourself a free wax), you forget you have it on. 

What are CBD patches used for? 

As with any CBD products, there are different uses for CBD topical patches depending on the severity of pain or stress. Some women have found that using a CBD patch worked wonders for period pains, minimising their abdominal discomfort. 

Beyond pain and inflammation treatment, the transdermal patches can also help against insomnia, stress, anxiety, even muscle tension. Amy Millie, TikTok sensation and CBT coach, loves using CBD patches to ease tension. This is especially after sitting at her disk when working from home, which causes some strain on her muscles. 

Another interesting way people use CBD patches is for curing their hangover. A study review in 2011 found that CBD targets the symptoms of a hangover, like tiredness, headaches and nausea. Alternatively, herbal patches for hangovers infused with ginger and ginseng extract can also counteract the effects of alcohol in the blood. 

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Why use CBD patches? 

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Some types of CBD can be… hard to digest. The cannabidoil in either liquid or capsule form has a tendency to repeat on you (sometimes with side effects of nausea). Hence why less people want to consume CBD. 

However, the shining star has to be CBD patches. They are practically invisible on the skin and have no nasty taste. Whether you’re a newbie or a regular CBD soldier, the patches are a game-changer and should definitely be a key member in your first-aid kit. Athletes themselves are opting for CBD over ibuprofen 

How much CBD do you need to take? 

Finding the right dose for how much CBD you should take is tricky. Generally, we advise to start low and build up. Everyone reacts differently to this substance, so work out your personal accurate dose. 

For most adults, a starting point of 60-70mg per day will suffice. However, you will need to factor in your weight and whether you want to feel a mild to moderate effect. 

How long does it take for CBD patches to work? 

As the patches directly secrete CBD into the skin, this is a fast reactant. But, to feel the effects of CBD can take anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours, give or take. What you have to bear in mind is how your body reacts to anything it ingests.  

If we use painkillers as an example, you might find one tablet is sufficient for a mild headache which kicks in around 20 minutes later. Another person might pop two tablets because they have much lower pain tolerance, but it still takes 30 minutes to feel the effects.  

The same is to be said for CBD patches: you need to find what works for you. Start with 24mg of CBD, and note how it makes you feel. Do you feel lighter, calmer, and pain-free? If not, try 50mg. 

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Do CBD patches actually work? 

If you’re looking for pain relief, then CBD patches are your new best friend! A study with rats found that CBD had anti-flammatory properties. The results showed that taking 6.2mg and 62mg per day were effective in reducing “joint swelling, spontaneous pain and immune cell infiltration”. 

As you can place the patch directly onto the area you’re in pain, this localises the source and works to tackle the pain quicker than taking full-spectrum CBD products, like gummies. 

There are currently no approved studies that CBD patches fight insomnia or improve sleep. However, CBD properties, in general, have been linked with improving sleep quality and sleep disorders 

CBD patches vs. CBD oil 

Focusing on the efficacy of these different products, CBD patches are more convenient, long-lasting, and act quickly as they’re used directly on the skin. You can apply one patch and forget for the next 24 hours; whereas CBD oil requires you to add droplets on your tongue every few hours. 

While CBD patches might work better for muscle and joint pain, even period cramps, cannabidoil and CBD edibles are a compound. Scientists believe they are more effective in helping against anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. 

What are the side effects of CBD patches? 

It’s worth noting that the patches might cause some side effects. This includes drowsiness, changes in appetite, potential skin irritation, and in some cases, diarrhoea. If you’re pregnant or have any medical issues, always speak to a healthcare professional to get appropriate advice. 

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Where can I buy CBD patches online (UK)? 

Amongst our botanical remedies, you can find CBD patches online from £25 here at Shelley Supply. You get a 30-day supply in one pack, and each patch lasts 24 hours.  

Simply peel and stick a transdermal patch to your neck, wrist or upper arm (anywhere on your body with minimal hair). When you want to remove it, peel off gently and rub any residue off with some soap or an exfoliant.  

One last thing 

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