CBD Infused Patch 50mg


We offer a variety of herbal and CBD-infused transdermal patches that work by secreting the pure ingredients into your skin.

All our herbal and CBD patches are:

● Made from CBD isolate
● Hypoallergenic
● THC free
● Vegan-friendly
● Organic
● Transparent

Revive your well-being and reach serenity with our natural CBD patches today. Start the journey to conquer your demons.

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Why use ShelleySupply CBD patches?

Tired of being ruled by the demons of stress, pain or anxiety? Dreaming of a more everlasting, sustainable approach to improving your wellbeing? What if we told you, this potential exists? You can regain power over your mind and body – and it requires no exorcism.

We present to you an antidote that transforms your current way of life. That antidote is the CBD patch, which allows you to live with purpose in peace and happiness. CBD (short for cannabidiol) is a natural supplement with properties that soothe stress, iron out anxiety and tease away muscle or joint pain.

Now is the time to squash the demon with a potent patch. CBD patches are a stick-and-go tactic, without a catch. They’re neither addictive nor disruptive to your busy life. Become invigorated and calmer, day-by-day, one patch at a time.

Using CBD patches can be as habitutal or on-the-go as you like. Whether you need a quick yet long-lasting fix to prepare for an important presentation, a tiring drive ahead or cure your hangover. Perhaps you prefer to use patches regularly as part of your self-care routine. Either way, CBD patches are your guardian angels.

Regardless of where you feel physical pain or stress, you can apply the patches discreetly on any area of your body and under clothing. You can place the patch on your lower back, and the CBD goodness will ooze into your bloodstream localized towards the area.

To use topical CBD patches, apply onto hair-free and healthy skin. Avoid any area where skin is damaged or on an open wound. Simply peel off and stick on. Remove the patch by peeling off and wash away any residue with warm, soapy water or an exfoliant.

Each patch contains 50mg CBD isolate.

THC free.

Do CBD patches work?

The CBD patch is fast-acting, non-invasive and camouflages in the skin. They are a fashionable yet effective way to alleviate pain, stress and anxiety, instead of invasive methods like acupuncture or cupping.

Research also shows that taking up to 60mg of CBD per day relieves anxiety and depression, calms the mind and targets tension in muscles and joints.

Will CBD patches work for muscle and joint pain?

In terms of muscle and joint pain, our discreet CBD patches are an effective alternative to over-the-counter medication, invasive or expensive physiotherapy.

The plant-based patches are made from CBD isolate – the purest form of CBD. You will find both low and high strength CBD patches that will cater to your needs.

How long should you keep CBD patches on for?

The CBD patches are incredibly flexible and convenient; choose to wear them whenever you like. Use the patches as part of your morning or evening routine, or as a quick solution to combat daily stresses. The soothing effects will last between 8 to 24 hours depending on the product.

Wearing CBD patches is entirely down to personal choice. Use them as and when suits your lifestyle.

Does CBD smell bad?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that CBD patches do not smell of anything! So you can still wear perfume, aftershave or cologne without any interference. The CBD patches are your little secret.